Small Group Learning

Due to the current pandemic and schools utilizing a 100% virtual mode of instruction, we have heard the need of parents and families for small group learning to supplement their virtual instruction, keep them motivated as it relates to their academics, and to find an affordable resource that will keep their child on track!

Small Group Learning does not allow for the same individualized attention as one-on-one tutoring, but small group tutoring allows students to build a sense of community with peers, learn from peers, as well as, learn from their instructor! Small Group Learning is a great tool for students, but on some occasions, some students will still require supplementation with individualized one-on-one instruction!

AK Learning Institute LLC wants to meet that need and we will be providing small group learning (virtually) for the upcoming school year, starting the second week of September (Tuesday, September 8th)!

Sessions will be offered at a rate of 70% of our current COVID-19 relief hourly rate which is $21 per hour per child. This breaks down to:

  • $126 for 3 sessions/6 hours/1 week

  • $252 for 6 sessions/12 hours/2 weeks

  • $504 for 12 sessions/24 hours/4 weeks or 1 month

Sessions will have at least 4 students and at most 8 students. Groups will meet 3 times per week for 2 hours every session (with a midway 15 minute break). These sessions will occur at the same time each week and include supplemental work provided the last day of the week.

Payments are accepted at minimum on a weekly basis and at maximum a monthly basis. If there are not at least 4 students per grade level or subject level for the group you are seeking, unfortunately, we will not be able to provide small group learning to your student.

Please fill out the interest form by clicking the link if you are interested in small group learning:

Feel free to email us at: if you have any questions! ✨

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